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Trash/Recycling Plan Comparison to be Voted upon Tuesday, 12/23, at 6pm City Council
From Lynne Johnson - Ward 10 Alderperson.  

Hello All,
This plan will be voted upon Tuesday, 12/23, at 6pm during City Council...if you wish to attend and/or speak, please do so. The City intends to get rid of the sticker system completely and move towards an automatic cart removal system.
Attached is a new City Trash/Recycling plan they presented last night at the Committee of the Whole meeting to provide another option to homes for an EVERY OTHER week trash pickup; however, this cost is still too much. In Ward 10, we have an HOA community who has EVERY week trash/recycling pickup from their OWN PROVIDER for less than the City plan for that new option of EVERY OTHER WEEK. (Recycling would still be picked up every week for that option.)
I asked for an opt out option for each HOA community so that each community could bid for trash removal to see if they are able to get a better price rather than be forced to use the City plan. The Mayor's staff said then the other items which the City does for free wouldn't be included:
free brush pickup free Christmas tree removal
They also communicated they didn't feel there could be an "opt out" option for residents. Then, I explained we allow an opt out option for residents for electrical providers, and why shouldn't we allow an "opt out" option for trash/recycling removal to communities.
Property managers and board members, please pass along to your residents within your communities.
Lynne Johnson
Lynne Johnson
Alderman, 10th Ward
City of Aurora, Illinois
Phone: (630) 740-8348
Email: AldermanLJohnson@aol.com
Customer Service Line: 630-256-INFO (4636)
City website: www.aurora-il.org 

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